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You are the future of Family Medicine 

Learn how family medicine student and resident members can get involved in the IAFP!


What opportunities are there to serve with the Academy of Family Physicians?
Both the IAFP and AAFP have opportunities for residents and student to serve.  On the IAFP Board we have two resident board members, a director and an alternate director.  These positions are selected by the Resident's Council.  A resident IAFP member cab also serve on the IAFP's committees, Member Advocacy, Member Services, and Education.  The IAFP Board also has two student members.  There student board members are selected by the family medicine interest group a the University of Iowa and Des Moines University.  Family medicine students from both schools are also encouraged to serve on an IAFP committee.


How will I benefit?

There are many ways you can benefit as a member of the IAFP Board or committees.  Most importantly, you are part of the big picture in family medicine.  You make great contacts and lasting friendships as you contribute to making health care better for your patients and your community.


  • Participate in the discussion of issues key to health care delivery and to family medicine
  • Learn how important public policy is to health care
  • Learn how the legislative process effects health care and how important it is to be an advocate for your patients in the legislative process
  • Cultivate organization and communication skills
  • Learn more about topics of special interest
  • Let your voice be heard as you discuss issues of importance to you and how to take action
  • Spend time with other IAFP leaders who share common interests and concerns

Your voice is important!  Contact the IAFP at 515-283-9370 to get involved!

The AAFP has many resources available to students and residents and many ways to get involved to learn about the AAFP resources and opportunities visit and enter student resources OR resident in search field or call AAFP at 800-274-2237.


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