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Speak Out

Follow the steps below to send a letter or an e-mail to your federal or state legislators. After you've reviewed these steps and printed this page, visit Speak Out to begin creating your correspondence.

If you are writing to a member of Congress or the President, enter your zip code in the space provided under the "Congress and President" tab.

If you are writing to a member of the state government, enter your zip code in the space provided under "State Officials" or click on "Search by State" and select your state from the map.

To view the topics on the AAFP's legislative agenda, click "Issues and Legislation" or go to

For an online congressional directory visit:

To send an e-mail or a letter:

Go to "Congress and President" or "State Officials" and enter your zip code. A screen will come up with a list of messages. Select the message you'd like to send or compose your own.

The next screen allows you to select your legislators and whether to send a letter or an e-mail. A preview of the message will also appear (in some cases you may edit it). Next provide your personal information for inclusion in the letter. If you click the "Remember Me" box your personal information will be saved and will appear automatically (if needed) in any future sessions.

Click "Yes" to have a copy of this message sent to your e-mail address, then click "Send Message."



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